Growth Groups

Growth Groups at CHPC provide a safe place for people to gather, exploring how God’s Word relates to their every day lives. We believe that most of our lives in Christ are lived out in the context of community, not just in once-a-week worship services or individual quiet times. Growth Groups provide an intentional place within our church for discipleship to happen. Discipleship is a natural product of us loving God and loving others. Growth Groups are not just a Bible study. Growth Groups are not just fellowship. Growth Groups are a unique combination of the two; they offer a supportive place for our lives to be shared with other believers so that we grow in our obedience to Jesus.

Each person commits to showing up, praying for the other group members, and connecting with open hearts and minds.

Fall Session

September 11-November 13, 2022

Give it a try and see how much it will encourage you to grow and change together, for Christ.

Discipleship Event

A 2-session Discipleship Event will be offered to Growth Group Leaders and participants. Registration is for both sessions.

Friday, Nov 11th  6-9pm (Dinner provided)

Saturday, Nov 12th 9am-noon

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